Our Commitment to Safety

The Center for Caregiver Support is committed to creating a safer community for all our Caregivers.  Together with EIP, we offer our Caregivers free emergency alert stickers for iPhones (Androids coming soon), along with education and support to help our clients learn and configure their phone's Emergency SOS & Medical ID.  Our goal is to help you avoid a crisis.

We stick up for you, when you can't stick up for yourself!

Are you prepared in the event of an Emergency? Find out with our Emergency Preparedness Calculator:


Your EIP administrator is: Taylor Penvose 

When you order your sticker pack, enter your sponsor code at checkout. If you do not have a sponsor code, please request one from your EIP administrator.

Emergency Preparedness Calculator

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This calculator generates your Emergency Preparedness by evaluating your answers in four distinct categories:
  1. An Emergency Situation
  2. Documentation
  3. Family
  4. Additional Information